CEO and Co-Founder
Ms. Andraka is the CEO and co-founder of Enfoglobe, LLC. She leads strategic growth of the company in the U.S. and European markets by focusing software services on a customer centric approach. Ms. Andraka has 20 years of experience working with state-level government and federal level agencies as well as European country governments.
VP and Co-Founder
Dr. Andraka is the co-founder of Enfoglobe, LLC. and serves as the Sr. Vice President. He guides innovation, including renewable energy solutions and scientific software projects with focus on global opportunities. He has over twenty five years of scientific research experience and has lectured at universities globally.
Mr. Krzysztof Ładoński is the Director General in charge of software development, business analysis and multimedia content development, including quality assurance processes, and training programs. He collaborates with industry partners on creating innovative designs and programs. He leads business development, strategic planning, and marketing.
Product Manager
Mr. Kamil Madej is the Product Manager responsible for planning, market analysis and product development to meet the changing business and market needs. He coordinates multiple projects across technical teams, business teams, and graphics design teams. Mr. Madej assesses customer needs and conducts business analysis for software services and multimedia content development. He designs quality processes, user documentation, and training programs. Mr. Madej trains customers and leads user group meetings.
Project Manager
Ms. Szafran is the IT Project Manager at Enfoglobe, LLC. She is responsible for software development and release lifecycle, customer support, and content management. Additionally, her team is responsible for product Quality Assurance process and training programs design.
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Sawicki is the Chief Technology Officer responsible for system and networks administration, database monitoring, and IT security at Enfoglobe, LLC. He oversees all Enfoglobe servers, security, and IT systems.