R. Andrew Chambers, MD
Director, Lab for Translational Neuroscience Dual Diagnosis & Development, Director, Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Training Program, Indiana University Department of Psychiatry
“Enfoglobe develops solutions via software engineering, art, and design, using an iterative process with participatory feedback from the scientific and clinical subject matter experts. The We2x4.org platform consists of professional and public portals that include advanced multimedia content, multisite research collaboration, networking, and clinical modules for dual diagnosis treatment, with mobile applications, remote telemetry, and modules for clinical and research data analysis. Enfoglobe is highly experienced and has provided a broad spectrum of experts to the project. As the IT and software leader on the project, Enfoglobe has consistently delivered quality analysis, software development and multimedia services, including by conforming to Indiana University’s rigorous security requirements. Enfoglobe’s work has been innovative and professional, producing well-designed online services, data analytics, and multimedia content. I highly recommend Enfoglobe for IT projects as a creative, professional, and reliable partner.”

Jody Lyneé Madeira, Ph.D.
Professor of Law & Louis F. Neizer Faculty Fellow Indiana University Maurer School of Law
“Enfoglobe, Inc. a Florida software development company, has successfully partnered with my team of Indiana University researchers, the Indiana University Counseling & Psychological Services center ( CAPS)and Indiana University OASIS recovery support center to develop and implement the “Substance Use Navigation” (SUN) program, an application help students with substance use disorder. SUN consists of multimedia educational videos for students on the science behind substance use disorder and evidence-based treatments, a mobile application for students to track their recovery activities and health status, and a portal for students to share their mobile data with their providers.
Enfoglobe has consistently provided high quality software development and animation services, including by conforming to Indiana University's rigorous security requirements and HIPAA requirements. In addition, I cannot imagine working with a more innovative and capable team of professionals.”

Thomas Rothrock, Ph.D.
President of Info Tech, Inc.
“With yet another successful web development project coming to a close, I want to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with your developers over the past six years. This latest web-based development project “AASHTOWare Project™ 3.01” is a multi-million dollar, highly complex development effort. The enterprise-wide software enables the management of construction information throughout the entire contract life-cycle; from cost estimation to proposal preparation, letting and awarding bids, construction, and materials management. The excellent programming staff provided by Enfoglobe to supplement our development team contributed significantly to the success of the project.”

Witold Blaz MD, Ph.D.
Chief at the Clinical Department of Neonatology and NICU Pediatric Cardiology Out-patient Clinic, University of Rzeszow
“Enfoglobe team has created the 3D heart/circulation model and simulator that serves as a hemodynamic interactive tool for education in academic as well as in clinical settings. Enfoglobe group is very professional and skilled in modern computer technologies. Members of the team present deep knowledge of the problem, eagerness to learn more, enthusiasm while proceeding with project, ability to offer variety of innovative solutions and flexibility to changes and upgrades. I highly recommend Enfoglobe team to collaboration in further IT medical projects as the creative, professional, open minded, reliable partner in the field of medical innovative computer-based solutions and research activities.”

Troy Carter
TRIUMPH CONSULTING CORP., Public Adjusters - South Florida
“My experience with Enfoglobe has been a refreshing one. It's so rare to work with people that simply do what they say they will do for the price they quoted you but Enfoglobe does just that while sprinkling in a great customer experience. They are easy to work with and punctual.”

Artur Mazur Ph.D.
Professor, Dean, Doctor of Endocrinology at the Medical School of the University of Rzeszow
“Enfoglobe’s experience, close co-operation with our professors and medical doctors, has resulted in effective solutions and improved teaching quality. VRHistologyTourTM is one example of Enfoglobe’s virtual reality product that is actively used by students at the University of Rzeszow, Department of Medicine and Biology. Our university and hospital plan to continue using above solutions and look forward to new projects.”

Stanisław Orkisz, Ph.D.
Professor of Histology, Embryology and Cytophysiology, Chair of Morphological Sciences, University of Rzeszow
“Our Department of Histology, Embryology and Cytophysiology in the University of Rzeszow has been using Enfoglobe’s VRHistologyTour™ solution and collaborates on its extensions. This virtual reality educational tool for medical and science students. It teaches fundamentals about cells and structure definition by immersion in a virtual reality world, using Oculus Rift glasses. This modern tool captures new emerging information in the field of molecular biology and cell ultrastructure. The goal of this application is to provide preclinical medical students a useful framework for learning and understanding cell and tissue structure and function. The images specifically emphasize the most important details, allowing a student to understand physiological and pathological processes of the cell. I recommend Enfoglobe Inc. as capable and professional software partner in developing science and medical teaching aids in VR and 3D environments.”

Kathryn McLeod Lancaster, Esq.
Litigation Attorney
“Enfoglobe, Inc. created LitigationExpert as the solution to our need. Their solutions-based team created seamless systems to load hundreds of thousands of documents into an easily searchable database. The system is accessible online but may also download the database onto a laptop. In complex, documentary-evidence heavy litigation, the ability to access key information is pivotal. The security of information is also paramount, especially in healthcare related litigation. These features are combined with tools to track costs, insurance coverage, important notices and correspondence. LEXA gives control to attorneys to excel in litigation. I highly recommend this product.”

Francisco G. Arrieta, Esq.
Litigation Attorney
“Lexa is by far the best case management tool that I have ever come across. The convenience of having access to it from any device that connects to the internet, is only rivaled by the willingness of their staff to make the whole experience as easy and pleasant as possible. I recommend this product to you with my highest regard because I know that, if you take the time to give it an honest chance to work for you, you will agree with my judgment of its quality.”

Piotr Staroń, Esq.
Managing Partner of Staroń & Partners
“Starofi & Partners has had the pleasure of using the LitigationExpertTM , now called LEXATM for discovery and complex litigation support. We had a pleasure to collaborate and provide feedback on various features like case timeline views. LEXATM online system supports all aspects of case management and streamlines the pre-trial litigation. We can strongly recommend the solution. It is a flexible and customizable online service that meets our expectations, designed to handle large cases with thousands of documents and events, and provides summary dashboards tailored to various roles. LEXA has interactive tools for extending functionality and can be used in multiple languages. This browser based system allows global accessibility and supports collaboration sessions with experts and witnesses. Enfoglobe has responded to our needs very well, including on-site visits. We value their professionalism, speed of customizing the system to our needs, and friendly customer support. We recommend using this solution to streamline complex case management.”

Roman Zembera
Slovenská Správa Ciest, General Manager
“The Enfoglobe Inc. provided to the Slovak Road Administration (SRA) a monitoring and management system APPIA which is focused on investment construction i.e. all projects based on the bill of quantities. The pilot infrastructure project was a state first-class road in the urban area of 2 km length, with a large number of objects (90) including 6 bridges, adaptation of the railway line, construction of noise walls and relocations of utilities - total project costs were over 30 million EUR. The system APPIA, despite the great complexity of this project, proved to be a very effective tool for monitoring and project management at all hierarchical levels - from operational management directly on the site to the level of the overall investment management process within the SRA, while greatly helped the fact that Enfoglobe not only prepared Slovak version of APPIA, but also implemented into output adjustment, the experience gained from all applications of the system. The APPIA and services Enfoglobe Inc. fully met our expectations and therefore we can recommend the system APPIA to all potential users in the field of the investment construction.”

Marek Ustrobiński
Vice Mayor, City of Rzeszow Poland
“Enfoglobe corporation has implemented the online SAAS (Software as a Service) system called Appia designed for monitoring and managing investments. The company provided services including training, system customization and technical support as part of contract ZP.272.82.2013 with city of Rzeszow in the period from 01/10/2013 to 31/03/2017. The Appia system is used by all Units and Departments of city conducting investments. The system managed about 300 construction investment projects per year, and the number of users is over 300 persons. The main advantage of using the Appia system is to improve the investment management process in the city. In particular, the benefits of using this system are reflected in an increase in the transparency of the projects being carried out. Additional benefits include shortening the flow of information and standardizing the procedures used in City Units, eliminating the errors occurring in tenders and the possibility of generating all previously defined reports regarding real-time investments. The services provided by Enfoglobe have fulfilled our requirements, were carried out on time, and were of high quality.”

Adam Popławski
City ​​Stadium in Bialystok, Chairman of the Board
“Firm Enfoglobe is implementing the online system Appia for Bialystok Poland, and its City Stadium for the purpose of monitoring progress of investments and providing training, maintenance, and support. Appia will be used for monitoring of progress of the capital investment in building City Stadium. This will be most modern construciton in the north eastern Poland. In adition to the sports stadium hosting up to 22500 fans, we are building training grounds and storage buildings, confrence rooms, other commercial sections. The whole fan sitting areas will have roof. The total costs of this investment proejct will exceed 270 million. Services provided by Enfoglobe met all our requirements.”

Stanisław Sienko
Vice Mayor, City of Rzeszow Poland
“Enfoglobe corporation as a leader of consortium has implemented the online SAAS (Software as a Service) system called Appia designed for monitoring and managing investments. The company provided services including training, system customization and technical support as part of contract ZP.342.58.10 with city of Rzeszow in the period from 02/08/2010 to 30/09/2013. The total price of the project to the city was 799 999.99 PLN. The main benefit to us was streamlining the processes across the city including real-time access to progress data without involving additional staff. The Appia system is used by all Units and Departments of city of Rzeszów and all city investments were managed using this online system. Annually we managed in this system an average of 300 construction investment projects per year, with an average total value of investments at 250 million PLN. About 200 staff members have been using the system. The services provided by Enfoglobe have fulfilled our requirements, were carried out on time, and were of high quality.”