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Dr. Bohdan Andraka
Sr. Vice President & Scientific Advisor

Dr. Andraka is the co-founder of Enfoglobe, LLC. and serves as the Sr. Vice President. He guides innovation, including renewable energy solutions and scientific software projects with focus on global opportunities. He has over twenty five years of scientific research experience and has lectured at universities globally. Dr. Andraka travels to Europe on regular basis in support of international projects.

Dr. Andraka held the position of Professor at the Physics Department of University of Florida and has been with the University of Florida for over twenty five years. He lead experimental research in condensed matter physics with emphasis on next-generation materials for generation and transformation of energy. He is credited for co-discovery of the breakdown of Landau’s Fermi Liquid Theory, the fundamental theory of metals, in nearly magnetic systems. His interpretation of the new phase of matter, non-Fermi liquids, received strong support, and was the subject of numerous international conferences on quantum criticality. Dr. Andraka obtained many scientific grants including from U.S. Department of Energy and National Science Foundation, for over $1.5 million. Dr. Andraka has published over 150 peer review publications in premier physics journals including over 70 in Physical Review Letters and Physical Review.

Bohdan Andraka holds a Ph.D. in Solid State Physics from Temple University in Philadelphia and M.S. in Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics from the Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.