Enfoglobe Poland

Enfoglobe, Inc. has a partner in Poland, a leading IT firm, Enfoglobe Poland (Enfoglobe Sp. z o.o.), which supports the design, development, and implementation services for Appia®, LitigationExpert™, and 3D Reality Toolbox™ for the global market. Enfoglobe Poland’s leaders have extensive expertise across a variety of technologies. In addition to strong IT and investment life cycle expertise, Enfoglobe Poland employs and works with experts in the field of civil engineering, law, and medicine. These experts work directly with customers and developers in a collaborative process. Enfoglobe Poland provides software as well as support, implementation, and training services.
A wide variety of products supported by Enfoglobe Poland include solutions for local and national governments, consulting firms, legal firms and departments.

Info Tech. Inc

Enfoglobe, Inc. is the contractor for Info Tech, Inc. and holds exclusive rights to market, develop, and provide implementation services for Appia® software in 41 European countries.
Info Tech, Inc. is a market leader in software for infrastructure construction management. Info Tech develops applications to automate all aspects of construction, estimation and online bidding, and provides professional services to support these implementations. Info Tech's products serve consultants, contractors and agencies of all sizes, including hundreds of cities and over 40 U.S. states departments of transportation.
Info Tech’s Appia® software is a web-based information system for managing transportation programs, from planning and estimation, development of bidding documents, letting and contract awards, and management of construction daily operations. Appia® was created for government administrative units such as ministries, banks, road and railroad national investment units, city and regional governments, and private consulting firms assisting the government.


ENKA in Poland is responsible for providing Appia® software implementation support, including training, technical support, requirements analysis, and project management in Poland. ENKA provides a full range of Appia® software marketing services for Northern and Central Poland.


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