Learning histology is easy! Using the interactive VRHistology™ allows you to delve into secrets of the human body. VRHistology™ platform uses Oculus Rift technology and allows you to visit the interior of microscopic cell structures based on images from electron microscopes and knowledge of experienced scholars in the field of histology. Traveling in cells in the 3D glasses teaches students and supports further research.


VRHistology™ is the perfect tool to support students’ learning. With the introduction of medicine, biology and chemistry in the virtual world of nanostructures students gain a better understanding of structures and principles of fundamental biological processes. Interactive tours of the cells in a 3D world can create a passion for discovery and set the ground for research work.


VRHistology™ is being developed in collaboration with professors of medical universities. On the basis of high-resolution images from electron microscopes and scientific guidance in chemistry, biology, and medicine, we create accurate three-dimensional models of microscopic objects. At some stages, we reach the scale of individual molecules and create models that have not yet been seen under the microscope. We map intra- and intercellular processes.


  • Traveling within basic cellular structures in a virtual capsule.
  • Observation of processes occurring at the atomic and cellular level.
  • Ability to view detailed descriptions of every element of the cell.
  • Virtual tours with an instructive narrative.
  • Mini educational games.
  • Maneuvring the virtual capsule, which is compatible with most popular game controllers.


SUPPORT OF TEACHING PROGRAMS Out tool enables clear presentation of complex knowledge by faculty and leads to better assimilation and comprehension by the students through visualization of cellular processes and structures. As a result, interactive 3D visualizations provide improved quality of teaching.

SUPPORT OF MEDICAL SCIENCES Demonstrations of nanostructures and animations of mechanisms at the cellular level allow easier understanding of biological processes and support the development of histological sciences.

FLEXIBLE SOLUTION VRHistology™ can be tailored to customer requirements by adjusting images of objects and virtual tours from single to complex organelles, cells and whole organs. In addition, it is possible to quickly switch from viewing smaller to larger structures, and vice versa.

SUPPORT OF RESEARCH Visualization of objects at the nano-structure level enables a better understanding of studied cellular processes. Visualizations allow better documentation of the research results and representation of fundamental biological elements.

RECIPIENTS VRHistology™ customers are mainly universities and research institutions in fields of medicine, chemistry, and biology. Users are typically university teachers, researchers, and students at medical institutions and other colleges.