NeoCardioSim is an interactive learning platform that includes models of educational methodology to support abnormal heart and cardiovascular intensive care, cardiology, neonatology newborn. It takes into account the latest multimedia forms of learning techniques using 3D visualization in real time, allowing you to better illustrate the course of treatment and complications that can occur in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Innovative application NeoCardioSim is dedicated to patients, medical students doctors, and beginners, to help them to fully understand the complex medical procedures through an unlimited number of repetitions of selected clinical situations.

The application includes algorithms developed by world-class specialists in the field of neonatology and cardiology, which show the various diseases and methods of treatment with different drugs, which are visualized in real-time on a detailed three-dimensional anatomical model of the heart. The key is the dynamic changing vital signs of the patient, the choice of drugs and in response to simulate a real-time response of the circulatory system in the plane of related diseases.


  • Visualization of the most common disorders of the correct operation of the heart and clinical situations
  • Simulation of drugs on a three-dimensional model of the heart
  • The three-dimensional heart model, which varies in real time under the selected conditions, drugs or manual changes
  • The possibility of introducing your own drug combinations and parameters allows you to examine the situation of extreme and rare cases
  • A tabular summary of the changing parameters of the heart
  • Ability to write and play out your own scenarios and allows you to return to the cause of disease
  • Interactive 3D graphics enables the user to better illustrate the course of treatment and complications that can occur during the selected medical procedure


  • Multiple simulations - NeoCardioSim can simulate various clinical situations and heart defects in newborns and methods of treatment
  • Medical practice - application provides novice doctors the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to select the appropriate drugs for future patients while taking into consideration the parameters of how they will affect the heart
  • Unlimited number of repetitions - allows users to detect what parameters should be affected when they use a combination of drugs to improve simultaneously all the elements important for proper heart heart
  • Innovative training students - while reducing risks and costs of learning complicated medical procedures.
  • Better and faster understanding - NeoCardioSim is based on the technology of glasses virtual reality Oculus Rift and can use them to move to the inside of the human body and view in real time the effect of some diseases and given drugs on the heart
  • Global access - easy and quick access to the compendium of knowledge allows you to gain critical information anytime, anywhere
  • Versatility - expandable platform for other age groups and areas of medicine
  • Improving the quality of treatment - by increasing the level of knowledge of students and novice practitioners


The recipients of NeoCardioSim are mainly budding doctors who need to acquire practical skills in the field of intensive care, neonatology and neonatal cardiology.
NeoCardioSim is also a great tool for students in their second year upon their introduction to physiology and third year with their introduction to pathology.
In addition, the application can help patients and their immediate families who want to delve into the secrets to learn about the heart diseases which affect them.