eCardioExpert™ is an innovative telemedical platform for efficient, remote cardiac care of patients with pacemakers or other implants or those who have undergone complex procedures.

It is fully integrated with interactive education and communication modules. eCardioExpert™ enables early detection of potentially life-threatening complications and provides advanced diagnoses of conditions that may be life-threatening to patients who may be asymptomatic in the early stages.

Interactive education and communication module

eCardioExpert™ enables remote patient care along with interactive education and communication modules that are dedicated to supporting patients after hospital procedures.

Postoperative directions are available to patients as interactive visualizations. Information about possible complications, the importance of proper nutrition, exercise and rest are easy to assimilate and include posters, animations, 3D visualizations, educational videos, and quizzes. Through eCardioExpert™, care is accessible via an Internet browser.

Modern forms of communication like chat sessions and emails streamline the flow of information between patients and medical care providers. Shared calendars optimally manage scheduled visits and events.

Timely decisions are paramount. eCardioExpert™ connects the patient with the doctor, hospital staff, emergency medical services, and transfers EKG and other measurements immediately to provide timely assistance.


  • Reduction of mortality, reduced hospitalizations and outpatient visits
  • Reduction of the cost of patient health care
  • Improved quality of treatment and increased availability of specialist medical services
  • Platform extensibility for other fields of medicine
  • Interactive patient education
  • Improved communication between patients and doctors
  • Global access through a browser
  • Unlimited users
  • High performance and safety
  • International support 24/7
  • Data integration with leading cardiovascular devices


  • Remote testing and monitoring of cardiac patients
  • Access to reports from remote patient diagnosis
  • Patient data control, search, and presentation are under one common user interface
  • Patient monitoring and scheduling tasks
  • Automatic notifications and reminders
  • Patient report after examination
  • Documented questions and patient responses
  • Central storage of all measurements and doctor answers
  • Follow-up with the doctor
  • Reservation of visits for patients
  • Communication between patients and doctors via messages
  • Interactive and multimedia education
  • System administration of patients and doctors


The recipients of eCardioExpert™ are mainly hospitals and medical institutions. Users are patients, doctors, and other medical personnel monitoring patient post-surgery status. The main users of educational modules are the patients and their immediate family.