Sensor Technology at a Celebration of Innovation Startup Showcase

Dr. Bohdan Andraka Ph.d (right), co-founder and senior Vice President of Enfoglobe, had a great time at a Celebration of Innovation Startup Showcase at the University of Florida last week. Margaret Andraka (left), President and co-founder of Enfoglobe, spoke at a breakout session and focused on cutting-edge biosensor technology at the showcase and spoke about the incredible potential that the technology has by utilizing remote and noninvasive diagnostic testing using only a small amount of bodily fluid or condensate breath.

We will be attending A Celebration of Innovation Showcase conducted by the University of Florida's Office of Technology Licensing on April 4th!

The Celebration of Innovation Showcase is an annual showcase for startup companies to present their products and company to a group of like-minded innovative and creative people. Anyone who has a passion for discovery and invention should attend! If you'd like to register or learn more about this unique event, check out the event page here:





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Enfoglobe Inc. will be present in booth #400 showcasing Virtual Reality, Health Progress App, Patient Care, and Medical Education applications.